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Team Professional Summary and areas of Expertise

We firmly believe that knowledge of a client's industry is every bit as important as an in-depth technology expertise.

We have had the chance to work on a variety of domains, and have garnered experience and expertise in each one of them. While keeping the focus on the technology horizontal, we maintain a tight grip on specific domain ingredients. This combination allows us to understand and reach out to our customers where they excel best - at their home turf.

VAssure team studies the latest trends across industry verticals & develops customized solutions to meet the ever growing needs of these verticals.

We provide end-to-end Software Testing Services through domain experts who understand the process and systems implemented inside organizations. With our technology expertise spanning across current and emerging technologies, we provide clients with effective Software Testing services, across the domain.

Our core competence is in the space of creating smart and innovative testing solutions that exceed client expectations and delight the end user.

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