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IV & V Services

Verification and Validation Services:

Faced with constant pressures to deliver better value in a shorter time, many organizations rely increasingly on independent verification and validation of their software applications and products. VAssure combines experience, expertise and cost-effective proven solutions to meet demanding Software Quality Assurance requirements, helping to ensure faster delivery of quality software that offers increased stability and higher performance. Our comprehensive range of Software Quality Assurance and testing services has helped numerous global ISVs improve product quality and reduce time to market.

Our Verification & Validation (V&V) practice offers a comprehensive suite of software testing solutions to global organizations. We work with our clients through process and technology changes that impact and enhance their competitive advantage. In doing so, we leverage the combined strength of our technology skills, domain knowledge, software quality assurance expertise, process focus and commitment to long-term client relationships, to deliver the utmost in value. VAssure's strong Verification and Validation credentials include:

Experience of over 10,000 person years of providing verification and validation solutions on diverse platforms like mainframe, client/server, Web, embedded technologies, J2EE, .NET
Service-level based solutions catering to clients' varied Verification and Validation needs
Continuous test process improvement by conducting research in test maturity models, testing tools and techniques for cutting-edge technologies ensuring software quality assurance
Holistic approach to Verification and Validation services through a powerful blend of skilled resources, technology competencies, alliances, and functional skills, enabling client organizations improve stability of business critical applications
Proven execution model supported by ISO, SW-CMMI, P-CMM, Six Sigma and TPI framework.

VAssure offers Verification and Validation services that provide independent, critical and objective evaluation of the performance and quality of a customer's product.

We offer VnV services on the following dimensions:

Functional testing : Involves testing the product for its conformance to the intended features, functionality and usability
Load testing : Involves testing the product for proper performance in high load and stress conditions
Technology testing-Involves testing the product for its effective functioning in identified platform, tools and technology environments
Interoperability and conformance testing
Regression testing
Development testing : We can also partner with you at any stage and for any part of your QA requirements. We can provide integration tests (integration of several software modules provided by the customer), entire system tests and testing under a simulated environment (during prototyping phase or when the target hardware is under development).

Our extensive experience in communication software project and product development provides us with a distinct insight into reliability, maintainability, and usability issues.

Key aspects of our VnV services include:

Selection of the most appropriate testing strategy
Strong management of the testing process
Appropriate use of tools and automation to support the testing process.

Benefits of outsourcing VnV services from VAssure include:

Reduced VnV costs
Reduced time spent upon tackling VnV challenges
Reduced post deployment support costs
Increased productivity of your design team
Identification of process/ other product improvements possible.
Accurate feedback on your product performance and quality
Improved product reliability enabling increased accountability and control

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