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Quality Improvement Program

VAssure maintains a comprehensive Quality Improvement Program. Virtually all services, operations, and programs have effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction outcome measures. Our Program Description and Work plan serve as a guide to the completion of activities within the Program. We use a defined process of Continuous Quality Improvement with specific tools and methods to improve upon identified opportunities. A committee made up of members of all programs and services reviews all activities and outcome measures.
Quality Improvement Program Executive Summary:

VAssure Quality Improvement (QI) Program includes the following goals:

Build continuous quality improvement. Facilitate a partnership of practitioners, clients, and VAssure employees leading to continuous improvement in service.
Use outcome measures and sentinel indicators. Examine relationships between internal service delivery processes and service outcomes to provide ongoing evaluation to ensure that the service provided by VAssure meets the requirements of good practice.
Conduct outcome measurement activities. Use QI activities to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with services and ensure they are delivered in a manner consistent with the strategic goals of VAssure.
Monitor practitioners. Ensure that every practitioner meets VAssure.

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