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Requirement Tracing

Compatible with dynamic technologies

See below for a list of technologies that can be tracked.

Taking the headache out of technology.
Our goal is to hide technology so that you can work.
Once you are set up, all you need is a connection to the internet.

Here are the technical details to be aware of:

To get started, you need access to your pages through a website editor. Your unique code needs to be inserted into every page that you wish to track by you or your webmaster.
The code is a single line of html, identical for all pages. Once the code is properly inserted, your single technical hurdle has been passed with flying colors.

This leaves you with one technical requirement: a functioning connection to the internet, so that you can login to your stats.

Technologies that can be tracked:

All html based WebPages, including the following extensions:

1. .html
2. .him
3. .asp(x)
4. .php
5. .jsp
6. .cfm

Secure SSL pages that are located on a secure server

All types of forum and bulletin boards; including Phpbb, Vbulletin, UltimateBB etc.

All kinds of web shops; including StoreFront. Shop factory, Sales cart, etc.

Numerous blogs; including Blogger, Movable Type, Livejournal etc.

Intranet pages (as long as the visitor has an open internet connection)


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