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Requirement Engineering Services

Today, government and commercial organizations are seeking cost-effective ways to maximize limited resources. Vensoft delivers a variety of advanced engineering services across the complete project lifecycle that support our customer's requirements. Vensoft comprehensive, pro-active approach to Engineering Services ensures that:

Projects are delivered to specification
Projects are delivered on time
Projects are delivered within budget

However, we do not stop there. We utilize appropriate industry standards and the best CMM II and CMMI practices to ensure that the processes are sound, repeatable and provide adequate checks and risk management capacity so that the unforeseen problems can be addressed without significant impact. Vensoft does not investigate solutions or begin detailed analysis until we are satisfied that all requirements are completely documented and understood. Our initial focus on each customer engagement is to ensure comprehensive responses are developed for these basic questions:

Do we completely understand the customer's needs?
How do we plan to satisfy those needs?
How will we measure success?
How will we be sure it was done correctly?
Are there adequate checks and balances in place?

Once we have collected and analyzed this data, standard practices and methodologies are utilized and an appropriate tool set identified. Our solutions are driven from customer requirements. We do not adjust customer requirements to fit our solutions. A key component to our approach is the continual review and process improvement. We practice what we preach. Our processes are sound, repeatable and are continually being analyzed and enhanced to ensure we deliver our customers world class engineering services.


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