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Test Automation

VAssure Monitors for Transaction Performance which helps to improve the availability and performance of business-critical applications. It can proactively recognize performance problems at the end user, quickly isolate the source and help you fix problems fast, before they impact your customers.

Business processes are increasingly dependent on multi-tier composite applications that use business logic and data from multiple resources Web servers, J2EE application servers, integration middleware and mainframe systems.

VAssure Monitors for Transaction Performance is an end-to-end transaction management solution that helps you visualize the transaction's path through your application systems, including response time contributions of each step.

VAssure Monitoring for Transaction Performance helps you:

Proactively recognize performance problems at the end user
Continually verifies that transactions are available and performing by comparing them against a response time  threshold
Alerts you when performance at the end user is degraded

Prove transaction service level delivered at the end user
Consistently test services and measure their response
Report results against committed service levels

Quickly isolate problems
Visualize entire transaction, end-to-end, as it crosses the enterprise
Automatically pinpoint source of bottlenecks

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