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Compatability Testing

Your customer base uses a wide variety of OS’s, browsers, databases, servers, clients, and hardware. Different versions, configurations, display resolutions, and Internet connect speeds all can impact the behavior of your product and introduce costly and embarrassing bugs. We test for compatibility using real test environments (not just virtual systems).

VAssure is expert at testing products for compatibility with hardware and software environments.

We can compatibility test your WWW site, CD, or application quickly and inexpensively.

VAssure operates testing labs offering all the hardware and software needed for such testing including:

  • PCs, Macs, and UNIX workstations and servers
  • Old and new version of Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, Mac OS, Linux, and many varieties of UNIX
  • Old and new browsers including Netscape, Internet Explorer, and AOL
  • A variety of other applications software

VAssure compatibility testing process includes:

  • Expert consultation on defining the compatibility issues that are significant for your product and a cost-effective matrix of platforms it should be tested against
  • Development of a Compatibility Test Plan specifying exactly what tests will be executed
  • Test execution by our staff of experienced test engineers

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