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Custom Testing

J2EE Testing:

Applications built on J2EE platforms power many of the mission-critical applications deployed today. And, while there are many robust development products for J2EE-compliant applications, traditional testing tools have proven to be ineffective against the new enabling technologies in the J2EE stack, including dynamic, thin-client JSP applications, J2EE Web Services and client-side technology such as Java Applets.

suite for J2EE testing can help you ensure the quality and performance of your J2EE Web applications and Web Services. e-Tester can help you create test scripts to automate the most complex J2EE application technologies and can be used for functional and regression testing. e-Load can help you ensure that your J2EE environment is tuned to provide the best possible performance for your end users.

.Net Testing:

Microsoft .NET represents a major enterprise architecture investment - one that you'll want to make sure pays off with successful, high-quality new and migrated applications. However, because of the variety of technologies supported in the .NET stack and the difficulties associated with testing them, many enterprises are "crossing their fingers" and hoping these new applications function as designed. Testing your .NET applications prior to deployment is the best way to ensure your applications meet your standards for quality and performance.


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