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Performance Testing

VAssures’ iPERF - offer internet based application performance testing and analysis, providing a complete solution to outsourced performance testing needs. iPERF involves testing the application against performance requirements such as response time, availability and throughput. These include stress, load and volume testing and are performed using industry-standard tools..

VAssure can evaluate the effects of stress, load, and volume, on the functionality and performance of the system, and provide an assessment of the problem, if any. Our performance analysts collect and analyze various capacity metrics including:

Performance Attributes : Following are the only few attributes out many that considered during performance testing-

CPU usage
Memory usage {Memory leakages, thread leakage}
All queues and IO waits
Bottlenecks {Memory, cache, process, processor, disk and network}
Network Usage {Bytes, packets, segments, frames received and sent per sec, Bytes Total/sec, Current Bandwidth Connection Failures, Connections Active, failures at network interface lever and protocol level}
Database Problem {Settings and configuration, Usage, Read/sec, Write/sec, any locking, queries, compilation error}
Web server {request and response per seconds, services succeeded and failed, server problem if any}
Response Time
Screen transition
Time {Session time, reboot time, printing time, transaction time, task execution time}
Hits per second, Request per seconds, Transaction per seconds
Performance measurement with number of users.
Performance measurement with other interacting application or task
Connection time: The time it takes for a virtual client to connect to the application being tested (ABT), in seconds. In other words, the time it takes from the beginning of the HTTP request to the TCP/IP connection.
Response time: The time it takes the ABT to send the object of an HTTP request back to a virtual client, in seconds. In other words, the time from the end of the HTTP request until the virtual client has received the complete item it requested.
Send time: The time it takes the virtual clients to write an HTTP request to the ABT, in seconds.
Process time: The time it takes by browser to parse an HTTP response
Transaction time: Sum of the connection time, response time, send time and process time.
Round time: The time it takes one virtual client to finish a complete iteration of an agenda, in seconds.

We can analyze and identify bottlenecks based on set norms for the above-specified activities. Examples of such norms are minimum, maximum and average number of transactions of the system.


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