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Web Testing

Bad news spreads like wildfire on the Internet. All you need is one or two frustrated web surfers spreading the word that your site doesn't work and sooner than you can say "click here", thousands of potential hits will turn into misses.

We certainly do not need to remind you that your website is your “window to the world”. It’s a storefront that tells everyone why you exist. Whether you are developing your own website, or are a third party developer creating a site for someone else, you can do yourself a great favor by hiring a professional and experienced quality assurance firm to run the site through its paces. Beta Breakers maintains five separate testing labs replete with all the browsers, browser versions, and operating systems required to pound on your sites and uncover any hidden bugs. Separately, our functionality testing staff has years of experience sitting down and making sure that your website functions as designed - from complex data manipulation functionality to simple link verification.

Concerned about the cost? Nearly every new customer that contacts us is pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive our rates are. For twenty years, we have worked hard to stay cost-effective. As a result, we can virtually assure you that our services will fit within your budget.

One more reminder: The web provides a million ways to gain customers, and just as many ways to lose them. If your product exists on the web, it needs to be run through every test possible to measure its ability to further your success. Bring our powerful knowledge and expertise to bear on your website and you will enhance your site’s quality many times over.



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