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Accelerated Software Development

You want it when?

CIO's and engineers are under constant pressure to deliver high-quality enterprise applications more quickly at a lower cost. While delivering quality software on time and on budget has never been easy, the task is further complicated by modern multi-tier architectures and multiple versions of operating systems, browsers, and firewalls.

Using today's leading virtualization products for development and testing results in immediate improvement in time to market, costs, and quality. With Virtual Infrastructure software, enterprise development organizations can:

Consolidate servers and desktops used in test and development
Copy exact multi-module production environment into virtual machines for testing
Share complete environments among different teams
Eliminate repetitive configuration tasks from development and testing cycles
Simulate complex multi-tier applications on a single physical platform

Virtualization Technology makes it possible to create environments for development and testing that can run entirely on a single physical system. Each system required for a configuration can be created as a virtual machine that can run on a common physical system. Using virtual network segments and virtual switches, these virtual machines can be networked in the configuration required for an application.

These capabilities make it possible for applications development and testing to be done more cost-effectively and more efficiently.

With support for multiple Machine environments, applications can be developed and tested under Virtual machine software in reduced time, with a minimum of computer hardware.

Upgrading and updating software is one of the common yet critical tasks that every IT manager performs. Sites that want to test upgrades of software packages on the same hardware on which it will be deployed can do so easily by running a new VM session on the platform. Virtualization can increase productivity for developers and in quality assurance (QA). Developers and software testers working on cross-platform projects will find it practical to run sessions with target operating systems on their development workstation. This enables them to verify cross-platform functionality. Developers who work on kernel components and QA testing these kernel components can reduce the down time and turn around time by performing their testing on an isolated VM. In the absence of a reliable virtualization solution an erroneous kernel component might result in reinstall or rebuilding of the OS.

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