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Reliable QA & Testing

VAssure uses powerful tool for development and QA departments. The ability to provision specific servers in seconds and in potentially large quantities can help development operations increase quality and decrease time-to-market. Virtual Machines act in isolation just like regular servers; therefore, a change can be made on one virtual server without fear of harming any other virtual server eliminating the need for standalone servers for developers. Also the unique architecture of VAssure enables the highest level of virtualized server density, quality assurance and testing departments can deploy 100s of Virtual machines to provide realistic environments for stress testing with the massive provisioning, management and hardware investment that would be required with standalone servers.

Engineers commonly require complex development environments: a virtual server for the application in development and then later additional virtualized servers for any applications that may interact with the new application. Once an application is developed, it is cloned into an Integration/staging environment to finalize testing and approval as a production server.

VAssure now clones the required virtualized servers in a matter of seconds using a single command, without dedicated hardware and without extensive configuration or provisioning time. If VAssure had to provision dedicated servers manually it would take hours or days. By centrally managing hundreds of development servers, VAssure probably have saved years in man hours. VAssure haven't computed a formal return on investment for VAssure, but I can say its impact has been huge compared to managing single servers.

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