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Sustenance Engineering Services

Ensure your products stand the test of time
Product development companies need to continuously look to develop new products / build new versions. In-house product development teams need to focus on innovations that meet new market needs.
Even when a new software product or enterprise business system is operating successfully it can create further challenges and demands. New features are required and new technology must be exploited. Despite this success, budgetary constraints are often placed on the upgrade effort once the initial capital has been expended.
VAssure’ Sustenance Engineering Services enable companies to maintain their software products in the most efficient way, enabling faster software upgrades with fewer resources and a reduced timescale. Our agile methodologies and expertise in business and technology domains help our customers shorten their release cycles by over 30%, yielding a better return on investment from maintenance budgets. Through our ISO 9001:2000, we undertake effective analysis, reporting and resolution of change.

Finally, our world-class quality management and testing capability ensures strong change control and efficient QA and testing processes that ensure optimized test cycles and fully exploit test automation.
At the same time sustenance engineering is crucial to supporting existing customers and meeting their needs. Since this contributes to more than 60% of the total cost of product life cycle, product sustenance has to be in good hands to deliver great value. VAssure seamlessly delivers sustenance engineering services which not only include maintenance and support for existing products but also feature / function enhancements as well.

How we add value to our clients?
• Reliable and efficient handling of support and maintenance requests
• Freedom to focus on implementing strategic product decisions
• Reduced support and maintenance cost means lower product cost to the customer
• Higher margins
• Continuous feedback on product performance
• Development of new modules
• Reduced TCO for the client

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